Nergeco Flexible doors


Nergeco doors improve traffic flow, provide excellent insulation and offer optimal safety for all types of industries and operational needs.

For exterior openings, the flexible Nergeco Trekking® folding technology offers great wind resistance. Its multiple stiffeners distribute evenly the pressure on the structure and air tightness is assured, even under wind load. Choose from different flexible thicknesses to fit your specific thermal or acoustic insulation requirements.

Inside your buildings, Nergeco roll-up doors are specifically adapted to the requirements of each type of trade for a perfect choice in heavy industry, agri-food processes, pharmaceutical and general clean processes, cold chain, retail, and non-specific logistics.

Safe, efficient and flexible

The bottom edge of both fold-up and roll-up Nergeco doors is flexible, light, with multidirectional contact detection. Harmless if touched, it allows just-in-time opening and fast closing with less risk of incidents, and minimal maintenance costs.

By opening at the last moment without risk for goods or people, and closing just as quickly - twice as fast as traditional doors, this patented innovative feature minimizes the risk of accidents and production interruptions, and reduces air exchange and energy consumption by up to 32% on each opening and closing cycle.